Miner's Grubstake & Dredge Saloon
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About Us

We are a mom and pop team. New to the business of slingin hash, suds, and drinks. A nurse and an electrician leaving our field of knowledge to do something completely different. We are enjoying our new careers. We have a great supportive community and hear we are doing a great job. Hope when you come in to eat or drink you will think so too.


Dale is said to be a "great breakfast cook".  

If you are passing by on the Oregon Trail, Morman Trail, Pony Express Trail, or Continental Divide stop in to stock up on supplies and grab a bite to eat.

Great camping and off road trails are offered here in Atlantic City Wy.

We have some overnight options in Atlantic City on Air B&B

A great Atlantic City Historic Walking Tour is here to enjoy. 

We have the oldest continually inhabited cabin in Atlantic City that once was the assayers cabin. Call so see if it is available.

This little ghost town of about 57 people has alot to offer and were ready to share it with you!