Miner's Grubstake & Dredge Saloon
Call Us at (307) 332-0915        " For Sale by Owner"

There is no gas station in Atlantic City

      Restaurant, Saloon, and General Store

Breakfast from 8:00 am until 11:00 then on to lunch 

Ask about our   "specials!"   Good ol home cookin

Food service ends at 7:00 pm ... But our

                       "Dredge Saloon"

Remains open for a good time to be had by all

Ask about our Tropical Drinks!!

Even the cows know where to get a good breakfast!


We do special events with your menu. Having a party and want to just come and enjoy your guests?  We are here to do the work.                              


Movin the cows out. "We will miss the lawn art!!!!!!"